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Daily Routines

RAPS – Session times and expectations

Session  1  Collection from Home, introduction, starter, discussion about today’s session and student well being and transport to RAPS

On arrival, a drink can be ordered from the counter at a subsidised rate, no staff or students     (unless working in the kitchen, with appropriate training and clothing) will be allowed behind the servery. This is a health and safety requirement. A breakfast menu is available to order in advance.

Each learner is automatically allocated to a room for each session, please begin the session promptly and quietly as some sessions will already have started (within 10 mins of arrival). All food service will stop at 9.30 and will only be served at designated break and lunchtimes . (Should you know that there is an issue and call ahead drinks can be pre- prepared until 9.45 in exceptional circumstances )

Session 2

9.30  – 10.45am

Session 3

Session 4

Session 5

2.00 pm – 3.00pm ( students should not be leaving before 2.30 unless it’s an exception cleared with LM )

Would all staff please remain vigilant and keep an eye on learners during break / lunchtimes – Music can only be played at Breaks – (However if this is too intrusive it will be turned down by the duty manager

No phones should be seen during sessions